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"Before I found Karen at Grace Forever, I was an ‘aesthetician hopper,’ going to different salons, trying multiple treatments and products, spending a great deal of time and money; all without significant results. The acne scars, brown spots, fine lines – all remained. I felt that no one ever truly cared about making a change in the condition of my skin, until Karen. During my first appointment, during a complete evaluation, she asked if she could speak candidly. When I said yes, she said, with brutal honesty, 'Your makeup is much too thick and is harming your complexion.' She said, 'Stick with me, and you won’t have to wear makeup.'
Two years later, Karen was absolutely right. At age 47, people are complimenting my skin. I never knew how good it could look! In keeping with her honest approach, Karen never pushes products. She makes recommendations, provides samples, and lets her clients decide without pressure. She only recommends products that work for my skin.  She has been very successful at finding the best combination of products on the market. I trust her and value her professional expertise. She cares deeply about her clients and their success. If you want to see real, transformational change in your skin and have a glowing complexion, Karen is the person you need to see."

Keli Perkins

Frances Ng
Before Karen, I visited dermatologists for laser treatment of my acne scars, but never achieved lasting results. Two years ago, I was walking past Grace Forever Skin Health in Port Jefferson and walked in. I’ve been a client ever since. I feel amazing. With Karen, I am in great hands; she’s very professional and down to earth. She doesn’t push products but makes recommendations for your individual skin. Since I am gluten-intolerant, all the products Karen uses are gluten-free. She takes all the precautions for the good of each client. I refer my friends to Karen, as well as my mother. I trust her that much!

If you are looking for an aesthetician who is down to earth, straightforward, reasonably priced (especially when compared to the others I’ve spent my money on!) and cares deeply about her clients, you need to age with grace, with Karen. Her spa is simple, but there is nothing more that you need.



Sheila Abelein
It is important to me to take care of my skin, and I found Grace Forever after moving to Port Jefferson Village. I stopped in and met Karen, who carefully assessed my skin health, and recommended a course of action. Karen is direct, up-front and a realist about delivering results, without ever being pushy. She looks out for my best interests and has made a real difference in my skin.

My results are great! Microphototherapy has been very successful for me. My skin tone has changed dramatically. I routinely receive compliments and freely refer Karen to anyone who asks. Grace Forever is such a comfortable and warm environment – a definite reflection of Karen – and there is no intimidation factor. Prices are very reasonable, and a regimen of treatment delivers terrific value and outstanding results.

I highly recommend stopping in to meet Karen for a consultation about your skin needs. She is knowledgeable, honest and straightforward and always has her client’s best interests at heart.



Janene Gentile
Grace Forever is an absolute delight and I’m so happy I found Karen. The studio is an oasis of support, and Karen is a woman’s woman, an expert in her field, and filled with compassion for her clients. The treatments I received have allowed me to radiate self-confidence, and my skin is now a clear reflection of who I am. Karen is the ultimate professional who has great regard for the skin health of her clients and never pushes product. I absolutely refer Karen to my family and friends, and anyone who asks about my skin. The outcome of my treatments shows real results.



Gail Swanander, May 2017

I’ve been working with Karen at Grace Forever for the past two years, and in that time, I have gained so much confidence in how I look. I feel youthful and want my face to reflect how I feel, and Karen makes that happen! There is something special about going to Grace Forever and experiencing the way Karen interacts with clients. She is absolutely an expert, a professional who won’t offer a treatment that won’t work – even if a client requests that treatment. She is direct with her assessment of your needs, and the results speak for themselves. Her studio is beautiful and comfortable, and I never hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in improving the quality of their skin care.

Karen recently began offering CooLifting treatments, and for me, the results have been phenomenal. People have definitely noticed a difference – I saw my cousin after beginning the treatments, and she was amazed that my skin showed no sign of wrinkles. This is a treatment that lasts! I absolutely recommend asking Karen if CooLifting is right for your skin care situation. 


Tina Rhien, June 2017

My experiences with spas and salons prior to finding Grace Forever were often overwhelming and intimidating. When I found Karen three years ago, her approach immediately assured me that I had found a place I could relax, be myself, and trust the process. Going to Karen’s studio is like being at home, it’s so comfortable. Yet Karen is the consummate professional who truly wants to make you look your very best by improving your skin. Karen guides her clients by advising on what they need for their personal, individual skin care, not by selling products or services that don’t work. She takes the time to do a true assessment, each time I visit and makes recommendations based on what’s going on at that time with my skin. She’s a natural and an expert, and she treats my skin as if it was her own. I highly recommend Karen to my friends and family, and to anyone who is looking for an aesthetician who cares deeply about the quality of your skincare.



Terry Biaggi, June 2017

From the moment I walked in the door, Grace Forever presented a calm, warm environment.  Karen is welcoming and caring, not to mention so very knowledgeable.  She listened to my concerns, suggested appropriate treatments, and explained the process along the way.  I felt like Karen treated my face as she would her own.  And I am so happy with the results.   

Mandy Berges  

So happy to have found Karen at Grace Forever.  She is the ultimate professional.  Going to Karen is like going home you know she is going to take good care of you.  Always happy with the results.





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